Adjustment and Resilience: Preventing Violent Extremism in Indonesia during COVID 19 and beyond

This research product is prepared by UNODC and is supported by the GUYUB project, a joint initiative between UNDP, UNODC and UNW for P/CVE in Indonesia, The report looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on counterterrorism and preventing/countering violent extremism (P/CVE) in Indonesia. It finds that Indonesian security agencies have adapted their operations well despite the trying circumstances. Regarding prevention efforts, crucial personal and community engagement programmes have been put on hold, though many activities have found at least limited success through the normalisation of videoconferencing applications, which may represent a silver lining moving forward. Civil society organisations (CSOs) involved in P/CVE have also been actively organising humanitarian aid to assist the people and communities they engage. This has allowed them to maintain contact and build good will.

Geographical Scope: National

Region: UNDP Asia and the Pacific

Country: Indonesia

Theme of Research: COVID

Year Published: 2021

Responsible Entity: Prepared by UNODC for the Guyub Project: a joint initiative between UNDP, UNODC and UNW