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Ahead of the continental launch of the new report early next year, we heard from those engaged at policy level, academia and local level practitioners to stock of responses to the threat of violent extremism in Africa in the last five years since UNDP’s first report on the subject, reflecting on why sub-Saharan Africa has become a new epicentre of violent extremism, and also what works in terms of development responses to violent extremism.

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Exploring Extremism is a podcast series produced by UNDP’s Oslo Governance Centre. It dives into uncovering and understanding emerging issues in violent extremism. The series shines a light on some of the under explored issues related to violent extremism through expert-level discussions. In the first series over five episodes, we focus on a separate topic each time, from the rise of the far right in Europe to the role of mercenaries in extremist organisations. In the spin-off season, we have been teasing out emerging, cross-cutting thematic findings ahead of the launch of the global UNDP flagship report  Journey to Extremism – from distinct patters in child and forced recruitment to the broader intersections between violent extremism and drug abuse, with leading experts in the field. 


Masculinities, Misogyny and Violent Extremism

Research focused on pathways into extremism has increasingly focused on the complex roles that women play in extremist groups. However, new thinking on gender in radicalisation and recruitment is paying increasing attention to the role of masculinities and misogyny in male radicalisation to violence; from Salafi-Jihadist groups to the Far Right and the misogyny of Hindutva-linked movements. This episode discusses the impact of, and interlinkages between misogynistic attitudes and a sense of thwarted masculinity as a consequence of changing social and economic realities.

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