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Exploring Extremism is a podcast series produced by UNDP’s Oslo Governance Centre. It dives into uncovering and understanding emerging issues in violent extremism. The series shines a light on some of the under explored issues related to violent extremism through expert-level discussions. In the first series over four episodes, we focus on a separate topic each time, from the rise of the far right in Europe to the role of mercenaries in extremist organisations. In this second season, we are teasing out emerging, cross-cutting thematic findings ahead of the launch of the global UNDP flagship report  Journey to Extremism – from distinct patters in child and forced recruitment to the broader intersections between violent extremism and drug abuse, with leading experts in the field. 


Drugs, Violence and Extremism: The Unexplored Connection

This episode will zoom in on and explore the broader connections and junctures between drugs and violent extremism. In the quest of understanding this phenomenon, it will look into the emergence and evolution of drug use within violent extremist groups, as a pathway for financing insurgent activities, while also unpacking the gendered often underexplored aspects of drug abuse within violent extremism groups, further challenging the notion of women as passive actors in settings of violent extremism through the anecdotal, diverse and personalised accounts of women abductees and ex-wives to recruits in Boko Haram. 
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