Between perpetration and prevention of violent extremism: Accounting for gender

This study emphasizes the contribution that women can play in the prevention of violent extremism within the family and society and analyzes the drivers and roles of women taking part in violent extremism and supporting violent and extremist groups.

UNDP Iraq is pleased to make this study and its recommendations available to national and international partners and to all interested experts and researchers working in the field of preventing violent extremism to contribute to enriching the discussion and strengthening programmes to prevent violent extremism in the Arab region.

A comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities of women in preventing violent extremism contributes to defining main pillars for women’s participation and leadership in prevention, an imperative for sustainable peace and development.

Geographical Scope: National

Region: UNDP Arab States

Country: Iraq

Theme of Research: Women, peace and security

Year Published: 2022

Language: English

Responsible Entity: UNDP Iraq