Conflicting Identities: The nexus between Masculinities, Femininities, and Violent Extremism in Asia

This publication includes expert analyses through case studies to highlight how unequal gender power structures fuel and shape violent extremism around the region. It emphasises how structures of patriarchy and harmful performances of masculinity are deeply embedded in the modus operandi of violent extremist groups. It offers policy makers and practitioners a unique insight into the gender dynamics that underpin violent extremism in South and South-East Asia. It will benefit stakeholders working in this area to ensure that holistic understandings of gender identity are integrated into policy and programming approaches to prevent violent extremism.

Geographical Scope: Regional

Region: UNDP Asia and the Pacific

Country: Bangladesh,Indonesia,Myanmar,Sri Lanka,the Philippines

Theme of Research: Governance/Policy and National Action Plans Women, peace and security

Year Published: 2020

Responsible Entity: UNDP Asia and the Pacific