Homecoming: The Return of Foreign Terrorist Fighters in South-East Asia

South-East Asians who travelled to fight and live in Iraq and Syria are beginning to return home. Returning foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) may pose a risk to peace in South-East Asia unless governments design effective responses. This paper analyses the real risks posed by those that return, both combatants and non-combatants, and explores the issues faced by governments and local communities as well as FTFs. The reasons that lead people to return home are as diverse as the decisions to leave. Even if only small numbers come home to Indonesia and Malaysia, individualized reintegration programmes are urgently needed. Disengagement from violence— rather than deradicalization – should be the focus of government efforts.

Geographical Scope: Regional

Region: UNDP Asia and the Pacific

Country: Indonesia,Malaysia,Myanmar,Thailand,the Philippines

Theme of Research: Return and Reintegration

Year Published: 2020

Responsible Entity: UNDP Asia and the Pacific