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Affiliated with ISIS: Challenges for the return and reintegration of women and children

This study aims to better understand the plight of families associated with ISIL, including those who remain displaced or imprisoned, to identify opportunities ...

Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration in Iraq (C2RI): Conflict Analysis 2022

Upon request from the Government of Iraq, UNDP Iraq launched the “Community-based Reconciliation & Reintegration in Iraq" (C2RI) project in 2020 to support ...

Homecoming: The Return of Foreign Terrorist Fighters in South-East Asia

South-East Asians who travelled to fight and live in Iraq and Syria are beginning to return home. Returning foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) may ...

Understanding Push and Pull Factors in Kosovo: Primary Interviews with Returned Foreign Fighters and their Families

UNDP Kosovo published an independent assessment of returned foreign fighters, currently serving their sentences either in prison or under house arrest, as well ...

Invisible Women: Gendered Dimensions of Disengagement, Rehabilitation and Reintegration

In March 2018, UNDP launched a research initiative on the “Gendered Dimensions of Disengagement, Rehabilitation and Reintegration,” conducted in partnership with the International ...

Violent Extremism in Sudan: An Evidence-Based Study

In 2018, UNDP released a report identifying the root causes of violent extremism in Sudan via interviews with 377 including former extremists, prisoners, ...
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