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Affiliated with ISIS: Challenges for the return and reintegration of women and children

This study aims to better understand the plight of families associated with ISIL, including those who remain displaced or imprisoned, to identify opportunities ...

Between perpetration and prevention of violent extremism: Accounting for gender

This study emphasizes the contribution that women can play in the prevention of violent extremism within the family and society and analyzes the ...

Stories of Prevention: Preventing and Responding to Violent Extremism, A Development Approach

This book tells the stories behind the impact of the growth of violent extremism, acting as an imminent threat to peace, stability and development ...

Economic analysis of the impact of violent extremism in Tunisia

This study measures the economic cost and impact of violent extremism in Tunisia by looking at (i) the human and material toll of ...

Social cohesion survey in Médenine

This synthesis report analyzes the statistical results of a survey on social cohesion conducted in the Médenine Governorate (Southern-Eastern Tunisia). Based on a ...

Development and security challenges in Tunisia Southern-Eastern borderland

Tunisia Southern-Eastern borderland has experienced successive shocks and crisis since 2011, undermining the livelihoods of border populations. While the security situation has deteriorated, ...

Analytical review of the drivers of violent extremism in post-revolutionary Tunisia (2011-2021)

The research builds on a context-specific analytical framework to improve the impact of national PVE strategies. 34 drivers of violent extremism are analyzed ...

Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration in Iraq (C2RI): Conflict Analysis 2022

Upon request from the Government of Iraq, UNDP Iraq launched the “Community-based Reconciliation & Reintegration in Iraq" (C2RI) project in 2020 to support ...

UNDP frontlines Arabic

Global Frontlines Report captures the role of youth in PVE programming. This report is a product of a research initiative that was made ...

Media and Information Literacy to Prevent Violent Extremism

UNDP Jordan developed 5 training manuals based on the UN SG PoA to PVE. The subject covered are community dialogue, youth empowerment, ...
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