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Affiliated with ISIS: Challenges for the return and reintegration of women and children

This study aims to better understand the plight of families associated with ISIL, including those who remain displaced or imprisoned, to identify opportunities ...

Between perpetration and prevention of violent extremism: Accounting for gender

This study emphasizes the contribution that women can play in the prevention of violent extremism within the family and society and analyzes the ...

Integrating Mental Health and Psychosocial Support into Peacebuilding: Summary Report

Prolonged crises and violent conflicts have devastating consequences on the mental health and well-being of communities and individuals. In recent years, significant advances ...

Enhancing Efforts to Prevent Violent Extremism by Leveraging Behavioural Insights

This report showcases the detailed methods, results and lessons learned from three Behavioural Insights (BI) experiments that were carried out by UNDP with ...

Misogyny: The Extremist Gateway?

Misogyny often lies at the heart of violent extremism and is central to indoctrination, recruitment, and ideology – yet it frequently escapes scrutiny. ...

Conflicting Identities: The nexus between Masculinities, Femininities, and Violent Extremism in Asia

This publication includes expert analyses through case studies to highlight how unequal gender power structures fuel and shape violent extremism around the region. ...

Invisible Women: Gendered Dimensions of Disengagement, Rehabilitation and Reintegration

In March 2018, UNDP launched a research initiative on the “Gendered Dimensions of Disengagement, Rehabilitation and Reintegration,” conducted in partnership with the International ...
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